Love and Appreciation Conquers All


So, this past weekend I attended my Saunders-Jackson family reunion, and honestly I had a GREAT TIME. This was the first time I’ve met allllllll of my family from my mother’s side. There’s nothing like being around unconditional love, you know? Where everyone is just genuinely happy to be around each other. This weekend just made my heart grow 10 times it’s size. Even though I’m already an appreciative person, this weekend just made me more grateful for every single family member I have. One thing I loved about this whole reunion is, even though we all did not know each other personally, we all came together and showed love as if we were all raised together.

Although I’m only 21 years old, I have experienced so much within my life time that has changed me mentally, and emotionally. People believe just because you’re young, and just really learning what life is, that you don’t appreciate anything. And that’s not 100% true. Many of us has lost family members, struggled financially, and been emotional/mentally abused.

A loss ain’t a loss, it’s a lesson. Appreciate the pain, it’s a blessing.” – Jay-Z 

Yet, one of the most important things I’ve learned though, is to appreciate those that are still here with me. It’s sad to admit, but when you’re with a person everyday you take them for granted. Meaning, you value their presence in your life but sometimes you do not fully appreciate them for who they really are. Everyone has flaws, yet you have to accept people for who they are because that’s what makes them unique. Sometimes we find those them to be “annoying”, “irritating” and the many more synonyms that indicate a nuisance. But, that moment you lose them forever it’s like you’ll do any and everything just to have one more day back just to admire and appreciate them. What I’m trying to explain in so many words is, start appreciating those that’s in your life right now because tomorrow is never promised. Be grateful for those that are currently in your life, because when God calls them home there’s nothing left but memories. Throughout your lifetime you’ll meet people that are there for a reason or a season, but each encounter has a lesson behind it. Life is about, living to learn so live your life but don’t forget to learn from your experiences so history does not ever repeat itself. 

So before you start complaining about someone, realize that is only one of their flaws but there are thousands of other reasons why you love that person and just appreciate them for who they are. Continue to spread love !

I love each and one of you for who you are! In the words of Mary J Blidge (SHOUTOUT TO YONKERS .. sorry I had to) “Take me as I am” !

Until next time

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  1. Kim says:

    Great job capturing the essence of the reunion!

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