“Make Your Life Extraordinary”

First of allllllll .. Happy New Year Everyone!


I hope 2018 brings you nothing but good health, good vibes and ambition to achieve all goals you have set for yourself. Remember not to let anyone discourage you from doing anything that you believe in. Continue to push yourself to the point you’re overachieving and satisfied. There’s only two times in your life, right now and too late so take action! And the most important time is right now. So, start taking advantage of today, and stop trying to leave those objectives for tomorrow.

It’s a new year, so for this year I want everyone (including myself) to start taking control of their life. The same as most common people, I have this flaw where I push things off for tomorrow when I could’ve done it today but instead I make excuses on why I cannot do it. I believe it’s called excuseitisexcuseitis is this rare condition of making unnecessary excuses consistently — which tends to affect people of all ages. To avoid inhereiting this rare condition, you must start taking advantage of the time and the day. There are 24 hours within a whole day to do anything and everything you choose, but instead individuals tend to waste it on activities that’s not benefiting their future. Yes, everyone knows Rome was not built in a day, but everyday the Romans worked hard as hell to make sure it built by the deadline. Sadly, life has a deadline too, and sometimes it’s literally a deadline. Tomorrow is not promised, and pertains a bigger and more difficult obstacle than there was yesterday. If people to continue to wait for tomorrow, they’ll never get to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves.


So, in other words .. carpe diem; take initiative of the present time yet still be cautious of your decisions so that you do not cause an negative affect on your future. It’s your life, you should live it however you please. Always follow your gut, especially if it’s going to have good consequences and beneficial to your life.

Until next time ..


PS: if you have any suggestions or ideas please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Kim says:

    Carpe Diem!

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