‘Party With Bardi’

Cardi B’s album Invasion of Privacy

On April 6, 2018, the Love and Hip Hop NY star Cardi B released her debut album “Invasion of Privacy”. Although everyone was aware that she was working on an album, yet they were not aware that she would also be announcing her pregnancy. Since Love and Hip Hop New York, Cardi’s stardom has been rapidly rising right in front of us. She went from releasing two mixtapes within six months, engagement to Offset — let’s not forget the huge rock he put on her finger — and, the first solo female rapper since 1998 to claim the top of Billboard Hot 100. Many people have doubted her success because of who she was before reaching stardom. Yet honestly, who is anyone to judge? A lot of people seem to be pretty upset about her album and that she’s pregnant. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, yet I believe some people are reaching by stating their opinion on her pregnancy.

Cardi B is just your ordinary “regular shmegular girl from the Bronx” as she would say, that is chasing her dreams and working hard to give her family a better life. Before coming to a rapper or one of the most entertaining Loves and Hip Hop New York, star, she was a stripper. Regardless of her occupation, she was fully determined to break her way into the music industry. Due to her Instagram fame, she already had a large fan base. So becoming a reality tv star and rapper did nothing but heighten the size of ‘Bardi Gang’. Also, she’s so popular right now that a few A-List celebrities have even acknowledged her success such as Oprah Winfrey, Erykah Badu, Missy Elliot, Green Day, T.I., Timberland, Ellen Degeneres and the list goes on for days. Now which new and upcoming female artist was ever acknowledged by a few of those great people? I’ll wait…

Cardi’s first album “Invasion of Privacy” went gold within 24 hours of the release date. That’s fantastic, and I’m so proud of her! Since the album dropped it has been the only album I’ve been listening to. I’m going to be very frank, yet vague on my opinion of the album. I think the album is good, there are definitely some songs I can tell are going to hit all summer. Just to name a few: ‘Like That ft. Bad Bunny and J Balvin’, ‘She’s Bad ft. YG’, ‘Ring ft Kehlani’, and ‘Best Life ft. Chance The Rapper’. I like the majority of the songs though, it has me ready to do crazy things with my friends with this summer. I’m still having mix feelings about ‘Be Careful’. The hook turns me off, to be honest. I feel like the producers could’ve tweaked her voice a little because she sounded very dry. Otherwise, I like the song BUT THE HOOK?! Nope. Sorry. Maybe in time, once it begins to grow on me, then I’ll probably like it more. So far, my favorite songs are ‘I Do ft. Sza’, “Ring ft. Kehlani’, ‘She’s Bad ft. YG’ and ‘Bartier Cardi ft. 21 Savage’.

What really tends to grind my gears lately is that many people, especially women are saying that Cardi should’ve waited later in her career to get pregnant. Firstttttt of all, ex-squeeze me?! Who are any of you to tell this woman when or when not to have her child? Last time I checked, Cardi B is 25 years old, engaged to the father of the child and has enough money to where her child will be secured. She’s doing better than women half her age. How many of you are actually married or engaged to the father of their child?

Overall, I love Cardi B. I’m rooting for her, simply because everyone doubts her so much and throws constant negativity towards her. And honestly, I think that’s why she became so successful so quickly. The consistent negative judgmental comments that are made throughout the media, does not anything but her more reasons to strive harder. Hate to be cliché but how does the saying go? Oh yeah, “haters are my motivators”.

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  1. Aidaris says:

    I totally agree with you about the hook in be careful !!!! Yes Ky keep being real.

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