Friend, Associate or Convenience?


Have you ever wondered if you’re ever actually valued or appreciated? Are you around a person for convenience or because you actually enjoy their company?

Do you have the answer yet? Probably not. This is a question that may take a while to answer. Yet, it is a good question to ask yourself every now and then for personal reassurance. If you’re unsure, because you cannot identify the actions of being valued or convenience, that’s fine. Sometimes it’s hard to really identify if you’ve been friends or in a relationship for a long time.

It’s not okay to associate with someone for your own personal convenience, especially if you’re considering that person as a friend. How is that actually your “friend” if you only socialize for benefits? Friendships and relationships are suppose to be a genuine and a reciprocal bond. Purposely socializing with someone for their talents or benefits ONLY, is using someone for convenience. And, it does not necessarily have to be materialistic either. Sometimes people use someone for networking benefits, meaning their social reputation is higher than yours so you’ll tag along or bring them around to gain stature. Or, you’re an attractive or flashy person so people keep your company to make them seem the same as you.

Did a couple of people come to mind while reading this? If so, reconsider your relationship with them. There’s nothing worse than realizing something you once thought was genuine all becomes a huge lie. So take the precautions before it’s too late. There’s always a snake in the grass thinking of ways to finesse their prey.

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  1. Kim says:

    I love you ❤️


  2. Derek says:

    That’s my baby girl straight to the point love it stay fouas good job

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