Patience is KEY

If you know me personally, then you’ll know that I’m the most impatient person on Earth. Just hearing someone utter the words “wait” or “maybe”, automatically grinds my gears. Yet, the older I become the more I realize that a lot of great things in life usually take time to occur. I learned that you have to remain humble and respect the process. Everything takes time, whether it’s a short or long period of time. And in some situations, it gets worse before it gets better.

A year ago, I wrote my first post about the post-graduate experience, and how excited I was to get a job so quickly after graduation. I was happy about receiving my previous job, but, only because it gave me the financial independence I was seeking. I was still unsatisfied with the reality of not being where I’ve imagined myself. The postgraduate syndrome has been eating me alive and resulting in becoming my own enemy. It leads to contradicting my own positive perspective on almost everything. Some days, I just wasn’t quite feeling like myself. I’ve begun to doubt myself about never obtaining a good-paying or salary-based job. And that I was never going to work in a real professional environment. It seemed like no matter how many interviews I’ve been on, I was never going to get hired elsewhere. I started to tell myself “maybe I’m not going to be successful as I always imagined”, “maybe I wasted my parents’ money on a degree that was worth nothing in the real world.

As bad as I wanted to, I never threw the towel in. I could not allow myself to give up on something I was eager to have. I worked in retail for a full year and continued to go on interviews. Finally, I found my new beginning and everything I wanted. I’m now working within the NYC school system, and it’s a salary-based job. Now I can honestly say that I am satisfied, and there is nothing to complain about.

This past year has taught me that all great things in life take time to happen, and you have to respect the process, and remain humble. It took a whole year to be where I wanted, and I’m happy I did not try to rush the process either. Sometimes when you try to rush things in your life, it will start out sweet-as-pie, and end sour. Patience is something that I always lacked, but this year has taught me patience is a key element to everything in life. Most importantly, it shows that I’ve grown within the past year, and this was just another one of life’s many lessons.

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but, the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” -Joyce Meyer

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