Wavey Goddess Ent. Showcase

Hey Ya’ll,

On Monday Oct. 1st, I had the opportunity to attend and interview a few local artists at the monthly Wavey Goddess Entertainment showcase event in NYC. The showcase is for new upcoming artists and performers of all shapes and sizes, that live within the New York area. Since New York City is such a diverse place, there was a large unique variety of artists and poets that showcased their talent. I really enjoyed myself at the event because every artist was distinctive, and kept the energy high so there never was much of a dull moment within the show. It was also great working with the two fabulous CEO’s of Wavey Goddess Entertainment. They were extremely organized, informative and transparent, which made it easier on my part. They’re also very friendly and helpful, didn’t have any issues working with them. Nice to say, I’ll be working with them again, so YAY TEAM!

For those that are wondering, the Wavey Goddess Entertainment is a small organization that host social events for young professionals seeking more involvement with the more creative side of the community. The CEO’s are two young educated Black women, Zoie and Chloe. They both established this business to build a platform to encourage more self empowerment and expression, which is something they both strongly believe in.

“Believe in yourself, don’t let people tell you what you can or cannot do. You can still be successful” – Royalty Monore

Luckily, I was fortunate enough to interview three out of all the artists that performed. And each individual had an interesting yet insightful perspective on not only music, but also society. The majority of artists I interviewed were NYC natives, and surprisingly they’re all raised in Queens, NY. I had the pleasure of interviewing the multi-talented artists Mel Doro, Royalty Monroe, and B. Elise. Throughout the interview the artists expressed that their goal is to mainly educate, yet, produce more substance and positive content within their music. Most artist today typically glorify the negative aspects of growing up within an urban community, which leads to our youth. Music has always been such a definite outlet to help them escape the reality of growing up in NYC. Queens is typically known for their aggressive lyrical style of rap, which helped influence each artist’s style. Yes, they all born and raised in NY, they’re each descents from Caribbean countries, such as Haiti, Jamaica and Guyana. Their culture is actually an advantage of diversity that most artists don’t have.

Although they all shared a special love for music, they began perfecting their crafts at different ages. Mel Doro and B.Elise were in elementary exploring the various writing styles, meanwhile Royalty Monroe started less than five years ago. Regardless of what may occur in their lives, their ultimate goal is to leave a gigantic footprint within the community, and the music industry. These artists do not only make music for themselves, but they mainly make music for that young person who is questioning the uncertainty of their identity and sole purpose in life.

“Be yourself, and let things come to you. Don’t overthink, and don’t let people dictate your creativity.” – Mel Doro

If you would like to get to know these artists better, follow them on Instagram. And if you would like to stay connected with Wavey Goddess Entertainment, follow them on instagram as well.

Chloe, the CEO of Wavey Goddess Entertainment
Zoie, CEO of Wavey Goddess Entertainment
Royalty Monroe

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