Wavey Goddess Ent: Meet Flock

Hey Ya’ll,

Back at it again with another successful showcase by Wavey Goddess Entertainment! I wish you guys were able to attend, so you’ll experience everything I have so far. One thing I truly love about their events is that each performer has their own unique stage presence. You’ll never know what to expect when the performer gets on stage. And the energy is always great! Whenever I go, I’m always leaving with some new tunes to listen to. I meet various individuals, from all over that always proceeds leave their invisible footprint along the way. To be frank, I’m happy to be apart of these events because not only does it allow me to network, yet I get the opportunity to get to know the performers on a different level. You’d be surprise how much you’ll learn about a person within a short interview.

Out of all the performers I interviewed, one of them were really more unique than the others. The artist is Flock, also known as K-Murda who had witnessed the good, bad, and the ugly side that life has to offer. Flock is a Bronx, New York native, who is the modern definition of a entrepreneur and future mogul. Although he did move to and from NY as a child, nothing could change his ambitious, aggressive drive and of course fashion sense. Unlike some of other performers, he’s not only an artist, he’s an entrepreneur, businessman, promoter, actor, executive producer, artist and etc., or as Flock would say “I’m not only a rapper, I’m a mogul.” His ultimate goal is to become a household name similar to his biggest influence, Diddy.

Flock | ig:@bboflock

“I can’t say that I’ve fully achieved my dream yet. I’m just starting to evolve.” – Diddy

A few years ago, Flock established B.B.O. Entertainment — stands for Big Business Only — which has been the host of several fundraisers, school events and the face of a record label. Regardless of the situation that may be at hand, Flock always manages to give back or help his community anyway he can. Whether it’s coaching youth basketball, organizing small charities events or promoting school events, Flock is always contributing a positive impact to the community. 

Flock’s documentary “22 Months”. Premieres December 6th at Columbia University.

Flock has several upcoming projects, and some are happening very soon so stay tuned. At the moment, he’s finalizing his documentary titled “22 Months”on Dec. 8th at Pulitzer Center, Colombia University. The documentary is based on his experiences when life took a turn down a bad road. The way he expressed the film, left me very intrigued. I hope I’ll be able to attend, because he’s also performing the soundtrack for the film ‘Behind the Wall’ by Flock ft Litty Gritty. The trailer for the film is located at the end of the article. 

UB Student Choice Awards. Presented by B.B.O Ent and Wavey Goddess Ent. Dec. 8 @ University of Bridgeport

Another event he has coming up is UB Choice Awards on Dec. 8th.  This event is hosted by Scholar’s Choice Awards Association, which acknowledges college students achievements and success throughout campus. The Scholar Choice Awards is an organization developed by Flock, and Wavey Goddess Ent. Wavey Goddess Ent. and B.B.O Ent have collaborated, by distributing an online and paper survey was conducted throughout the campus of the University of Bridgeport, with a series of categories. No matter if the obstacles are small or big, he always prevails at the end. His life experiences has inspired and empowered him to continue to push through and achieve greatness. 

In the end, the one thing I really admired about Flock throughout this interview is the way he has turned all negative and/or tragic issues into a position situation. Lastly, it was an great interview and I enjoyed getting to know him more as a person. His ambitious motivation persuades me to take more advantage of opportunities whether it’s networking, volunteering, hosting and etc. A person’s greatness always prevails when the passion is true. If you live in New York City or Connecticut, don’t forget to check his events. It’s something you don’t want to miss.

Until Next Time Ya’ll 🙂

Trailer of Flock’s Documentary “22 Months”

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