It’s KatSezon: Meet Tianna H.

Hey Ya’ll,

Happy New Year!

It’s 2019, and it’s a new year that means new chapters are beginning in our lives. Some individuals might be entering parenthood, new profession, starting a business or new relationship. Whatever your new chapter might be, start off with no worries and keep your head high no matter how difficult it may get. I believe this year has many great things in store for everyone. I’m speaking it into existence. I’m claiming it, and I hope you are too!

Speaking about new businesses, I had the most wonderful opportunity to interview Tianna on her new clothing business Kat Sezon An’. Tianna is the owner/CEO of an online clothing store. This was the most fun I’ve had on a interview thus far. I met with Tianna at her photoshoot for Kat Sezon where I was behind the scenes, and even modeled a few of her products. (This was my first photoshoot by the way so I was really excited. Especially when I seen how great the photos were).

Meet Tianna:

Tianna is a young Black woman, that took advantage of all opportunities when they came knocking. She was born in Mt. Vernon, NY and raised in Yonkers, NY. Throughout her youth Tianna lived in Mulford Gardens, which was a neighborhood located in Yonkers. Although it was a large community — more like a giant family, there were oblivious disadvantages that affected the community as a whole. There has been a consistent cycle of disconnect between the youth, and community. Sadly, the outcome resulted in negative influences effecting the community. So, her ultimate goal is to provide resources and recreation that the community lacked during her childhood.

Tianna H. owner of Kat Sezon An

Ever since she was a child, she always had a sense for fashion. Her mother always told her she’s a “fashionista” and wouldn’t be surprise if she worked within the fashion industry. Well, you know what they say, “mom know best”. Whether it’s her sisters, cousins or friends; Tianna has always been known for her stylish, trendy, fashion tips. Whether it’s make up, clothes, and even life tips you can always count on Tianna for some great advice.

“My mother helped me become a humble, genuine individual. She taught me don’t take life for granted, always appreciate life”.

Besides her great fashion advice, and stylish clothes, she also spreads positivity. Throughout everything she has experienced within her twenty somethings years, the most important lesson she learned is to “give thanks to life”. Her daily mantra consist of prayer, meditation and most importantly giving thanks to life. She’s is the youngest of out three, and raised by her mother. Seeing her mother remain string, independent, and humble regardless of the situation at hand strived her become the woman she is today. We’ve all experienced dark times where your mind brews negative ideas. Throughout dark times when you had horrible thoughts and felt as if life itself is failing you — the best part is that you woke up to live another day. The universe has given you another day to fix your wrongs, and become a better you. “I stopped eating meat, and allowing toxins into my body. I stopped allowing negativity to tear me down”

Overall, this was a great interview! Tianna was such a genuine, open-minded and hilarious person to interview. (If you know Tianna personally, then you’ll know she’ll you in tears). One of the best part of interviewing people is that they always leave a invisible footprint on me with their words of wisdom and enlightenment. I hope the other people I interview within the future will be as fun and charismatic as the people I interviewed so far.

If it’s going to uplift myself or people that’s what I want to put my energy towards.”

Here’s a preview of Katsezon’s website, and a few of the photos I’ve taken:

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