Essence the Esthetician

Hey Ya’ll, 

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing a young local esthetician, Essence. I’ve been hearing so many good reviews about her business for months now. I was anxious to meet her as well, since I’ve heard such good things about her. If you’re not aware, an esthetician is a person that specializes in cosmetic treatments of the skin. She has the best of both worlds, she’s her own skincare specialist and gets to educate others on the real importance of healthy skin. Estheticians offer various cosmetic procedures such as facials, waxing, and body treatments. Having a esthetician is good for you, regardless if you’re a man or woman. And I suggest everyone to visit at least one throughout your lifetime —I’m booking my first appointment soon as well. 

The best part about Essence is that she’s located in Harlem, NY (Manhattan for those that want to get technical), where she was born and raised. She’s not too far from almost anyone that lives in and out New York City. Especially for myself since I live in Yonkers — Westchester County, it’s an quick and easy commute. Throughout the interview she expressed being an esthetician was a career path she never really thought of pursuing. She wanted to work in finances, since that was her major in high school. Yet, later changed her mind shortly after graduation. Ironically, in high school Essence had a class assignment to develop a business and how to manage it’s finances successfully. In result she developed a fake yet successful skincare business. In 2015, she graduated from Aveda Arts & Science Institutes located in NYC where she studied Esthiology. Shortly after, she teamed up with a chemist and developed her products. And, 2018 she established her business, and becoming a freelancing esthetician. Essence has quite a few products, which are very popular with her clients on her website. Nothing but five star ratings across the board. Her products include facial cleanser, hydration mask, moisturizer and exfoliating scrub. She expressed that throughout all of her products, the enzyme mask is her favorite product because the results are always efficient for your face and body regardless of your gender. She also stated, you must be open-minded and ready to receive any advice or products that are recommended within the appointment. If the individual fails to be like this, the appointment will not be effective and almost a waste of time.

‘Essence the Esthetician’

Essence truly has a passion for skincare, and it’s evident because her skin is radiant and flawless — to be frank. Throughout the interview she educated me in various ways, which left a small foot print in my mind. I went home reconsidering my skincare regiment, and even educating some of peers based off what I’ve learned. I enjoyed talking to her though, she was very open and blunt; also quite funny. We shared similar perspectives about society, business and being a black woman in America. We agreed that the biggest struggles of being a black woman business owner is to keep composure and not be categorized as “the angry black woman”. People tend to assume the worse. Essence hopes to own a cosmetic beauty supply store that sells other black owned products throughout the U.S. I hope — let me rephrase that, I know she’ll achieve that goal and I can’t wait to be a customer. (Always have to speak positivity into existence). It was yet, another successful interview and I’m happy I was able to share it with you guys. Also, remember if you’re in NYC or Westchester County seeking a skincare specialist, contact Essence.

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  1. Kim says:

    Informative!! Important to Support black Woman and black businesses .
    Stay Woke

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  2. Bria says:

    Sooooo important to support black business.. especially for something like skin care I mean who would know us better than a melanated Goddess?

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  3. Good information, I love to support our black queens. I’m a esthetician myself.


    1. viakyla says:

      Thank you, I’m happy you enjoyed the read. Oh great, are you in NY as well?


      1. No, I’m actually in North Carolina


      2. viakyla says:

        Oh man I wish you was closer so I can check out your business. Good luck to you 💗 Wishing all goes well with your business


      3. Thanks so much!! Same to you. 💖


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