The Love of Jay and Dice

“Babyyyyy I’m home!” I yelled out as I walked into the house. I had a handful of groceries from ShopRite in my left hand, and my Chanel purse in the other. My hands were too full at the moment to get my keys out the door. It’s unusual for Dice not to be on his way downstairs already coming to assist me. “He’s probably in the shower,” I thought to myself. Dice is the type of guy to always be there whenever I need him, even for small things. He always tells me “Jay, as your potential husband it’s my job to do everything and anything for you until I’m no longer here — and that ain’t happening no time soon.” Dice has been the love of my life since I was 16 years old, and we’ve been living together for almost four years now. We’ve been together for 8 years, but it feels like a lifetime. He’s everything I’ve always wanted in a man, but of course, like any other human being, he has his flaws as well. I put my purse down on the small table next to the door and took the keys out. I walk over to the kitchen and place the bags on the floor and begin to put all the groceries away. There weren’t a lot of groceries, I just picked up a few things to cook for dinner. Today was a great day at work, I was able to finish all the edits for my magazine so our monthly issue can go out to print. So I picked up some steak and veggies to celebrate, and of course a bottle of wine. 

“Alright, at least 10 minutes have passed and I still haven’t heard or seen Dice,” Jay said quietly under her breath. She stops putting away everything and stands there quietly hoping to hear the shower running upstairs or even any movement. Sadly, she doesn’t hear anything. It’s so quiet, you can hear a pin drop. “That’s odd that I don’t hear him because I swore I saw his car parked in the front. Before making assumptions and panicking, Jay decides to double-check for his car. She walks out of the kitchen, to the living room so she can peak out the window. As she peers out the window, she sees Dice’s car — yet, still no Dice. “Hmmm.. I wonder what the fuck he’s doing. God, help me stay calm” Jay says calmly under her breath as she walks away from the window. Jay’s mind starts to assume the worst and is causing her to get more agitated. “He better not have some trick up here in our damn bed, or anywhere in this house” She quietly says while tiptoeing up the stairs. “Dice knows I’m not the one to play with, especially after what happened a couple of years ago. He knows I keep a Glock 9 in my side table and it’s fully loaded.” Jay finally gets upstairs and sees her bedroom slightly cracked. All that being timid, and calm went straight out the window. Jay bust opens the bedroom door like she was a DEA agent looking for El Chapo. The bedroom swings open and surprisingly it’s no one there. The bed is still freshly made, the room is spotless clean just like she left it this morning. “Hmmm .. let me check the whole room,” she says out loud so whoever’s ever in the room could hear her. Dice has been good to Jay for the past couple of years, after their last incident so she’s trying not to assume anything. Dice promised he’ll never put Jay in that predicament ever again, hopefully, he keeps his promise. Jay quickly checks the closets and both bathrooms upstairs. She still cannot find anything, so she leaves the room to check the whole top floor. Jay and Dice both have an office in their house, it’s for working at home but depending on the situation sometimes meetings are held at home. Dice is the owner of the top black-owned real estate businesses in NY and only deals with special clients within our home. Dice is a very private person and doesn’t trust people that well based on past experiences. So, he keeps his office locked. Of course, his number one lady has a key though. I respect Dice’s business so I never intrude in there. 

Just like the bedroom, everything is clean and left the way it was from this morning. Now Jay begins to worry about Dice’s safety. Besides being a successful businessman, Dice is the leader of the biggest gang in NY. Dice had fallen back from the streets because he was tired of it interfering with his relationship with Jay. They’re planning to start a family one day, and working on wedding arrangements so he passed the torch to his right-hand man, Low. Dice knew he could count on Low for any and everything, and since Dice fell back Low picked right up and maintained the business. Jay starts walking back and forth in her room, thinking where he could be and if he’s okay. Ever since Dice fell back from the streets, there hasn’t been any beef or drama in our lives. She picks up her phone and starts to facetime his personal phone. After a few calls, he doesn’t pick up. Since facetime isn’t working, she begins to call him. Again, after a few calls no answer. “FUCK! Where’s my Baby yo?! It’s unlike him to just go missing on me” Jay yells out as tears start flowing down her cheeks. She suddenly has this weird feeling her in the stomach — as if something isn’t right. “Think Jay. THINK. What does Dice always tell you to do when shit isn’t adding up?” she says to herself. Shortly Dice’s voice pops into her head saying “Baby Girl if you don’t hear from me, there are three things I need you to do — 1. Go get your gun, 2. go into my office and get everything out the safe into the duffle bag. 3. Call Low, he’ll know how to handle it. Shit, that nigga might know where I’m at too.”

“THAT’S IT” Jay yells out loud. Jay walks over to the side table and grabs her gun. She loads the gun and takes off the safety. Just in case. Luckily Jay keeps the key on her Pandora bracelet. Dice always thought it’s a silly place to keep such an important item, but it’s easy to get to. She begins to become slightly nervous while walking down the hallway to Dice’s office. As she gets to the door, she takes a deep breath and unlocks the door. She opens the door with her right hand pushing the door wide open, while the gun’s left hand slowly aims across the room. 

Jay checks the whole office, and the room is clear. Before opening the safe, she notices a note on his desk. Usually, Jay minds her business, but with all that is going on, she had to peek at the note. Jay picks up the note and when she reads it her eyes begin to swell up with tears again. The note read “Jay, I’ll explain everything when I get home. I love you always and forever. – Dice”. Jay starts crying and takes a seat before she loses her balance. So many things are racing through her mind right now. She tries not to overthink it, but the tears keep coming down faster. After a few minutes passed, she calms herself down and snaps back into reality. She followed two steps so far, now just have to complete the third. Jay grabs her phone out her back pocket and starts dialing.“Dice is missing. He’s not answering his phone and all I have is a-“ she says quickly before getting cut off. “Sayless be there in 5” Low replies before hanging up.

Too be continued…

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