The Love of Jay and Dice

Baby, I’m home!” I yelled out as I walked into the house. I had a handful of groceries from ShopRite in my left hand, and my Chanel purse in the other. My hands were too full at the moment to get my keys out of the door. As I struggle to get my keys out of the door, I realized I hadn’t been greeted by my man yet. It’s unusual for Dice not to welcome me with a kiss after I walk through the door. “He’s probably in the shower,” I thought to myself. Dice is the type of guy to always be there whenever I need him, even for small stuff. I don’t have to say anything either, it’s almost as if he has telepathy. He always tells me “Jay, as your potential husband it’s my job to do everything and anything for you until I’m no longer here — that ain’t happening no time soon”. Dice has been the love of my life since I was 16 years old. I don’t see myself loving anybody else. We have been living together for about four years now, and in a relationship together for 8 years. He is everything I’ve always wanted in a man. Little does he know I’ve been planning our life together since I played MASH in my freshmen year of high school. She place her purse down after locking the door and walked into the kitchen to place the bags on the counter. 

I had a great day at work today, so that calls for a celebration. My magazine company — Culture Magazine, has published our biggest issue yet this year. My team and I completed everything before the deadline so it’s able to be printed early, and placed in almost every store throughout the nation. Therefore it is only right to celebrate over a couple bottles of wine and steak with my man. Both of us have been so busy with work and planning our wedding that we haven’t been able to have a romantic moment. 

All of the groceries are away and still have yet to be greeted with a kiss. “Okaaaay … at least 10 minutes have passed and I still don’t see nor hear Dice” Jay mumbled under her breath. She stood very still hoping to hear the shower running or movement upstairs. She doesn’t hear anything. It was so quiet in the house you could hear a pin drop — too quiet actually. “I don’t hear him. I swore I saw his car parked in the driveway when I came home” Before making assumptions she goes to double-check for his car. When she peers out of the window, she notices his car — yet, still no Dice. “Hmmm… I wonder what the fuck he’s doing. God,  please help me stay calm” she muttered walking away from the window. Jay grabs her phone out of her back pocket to call him. He doesn’t answer. It went straight to voicemail. 

That is strange. He never turns his phone off, not even for a business meeting. The girl has a few screws loose and without even thinking she’ll bust into a business meeting to find out where her man is. “All I know is he better not have some trick laying up in our damn bed, or anywhere in this house”

I am not the one to play with, I do not play about mine I believe I made that very clear to him after what happened a couple of years ago. Dice and I are both well aware that I always keep a handgun on my side table by the bed. It is always fully loaded. Hopefully, he did not make the silly mistake of bringing a woman into our house. I would hate for things to get ugly on such a great day. 

Jay reaches the top of the stairs noticing her bedroom door is slightly ajar. The timid, and calm mentality she has been trying to preserve went straight out of the window. She kicked open the bedroom door as if she was a DEA agent searching for El Chapo. The door swung open, slamming into the wall. No one is there. The bed is still freshly made and the room is spotless just as when she left for work in the morning. “Hmmm… let me check the whole room,” she says out loud hoping whoever is hiding could hear her. After the last incident Dice has been really good to Jay. 

A couple of years ago she had sent a woman to the hospital with multiple injuries — they weren’t minor either. Dice promised he will never put her in any predicament and cheat on her ever again. Hopefully, he kept his promise. She looked in both walk-in closets and the bathroom. She still cannot find anything. Anxiously walk out of the bedroom and search the whole top floor of the house. They both have an office in the house for whenever they choose to work remotely, and depending on the client or project sometimes meetings are held at home. 

Dice is the owner of a top-selling black-owned real estate agency in New York. He has sold mansions, penthouses, and property to the biggest celebrities and A-listers. Many of his clients want complete privacy from the paparazzi, so resulting in their current social status some deals would sometimes take place in the house. He always made sure to tell Jay days ahead so a private chef is hired, and of course, so her glam team can be notified in advance as well.  You can’t close a good deal without good food and a welcoming, pleasant environment. Dice is a very discreet reserved person, he does not trust many people only special clients. The same goes for family members, only a handful have been invited. Even if he’s home, the office is locked at all times. Of course, his fiancé has a key. She respects his business and privacy, intrusion is only necessary if there is an emergency. 

Every room is squeaky-clean, just as it was from this morning. This is not normal behavior, he usually tells Jay his whereabouts, especially since he’s always meeting with people in various locations. Now she is really starting to worry about Dice — where could he possibly be? He is not a successful businessman, Dice is also the leader of the biggest drug cartel in New York. He has taken a step back from the streets years ago so he focuses more on his legal business and future marriage. Dice always feared there would be a day when the streets interfere with his relationship. They’re planning to start a family and are currently planning the wedding so it felt right to pass the torch to his right-hand man, Low. He is the closest person to him, and the only person he considered family. Dice knew he can always rely on Low for anything — literally. There was no doubt that Low won’t be able to maintain the streets, it is all he knows. Almost as if Dice has never left. Low picked up right where Dice had left and sustained everything, even doubled it. They’re now making more money than they ever had.  

Jay is pacing the bedroom, brain scrambled with scenarios of where Dice could possibly be. She’s questioning everything that occurred today and realizing she hasn’t spoken to him since she left to work. When she called him earlier the call went straight to voicemail. Did he go to work today? Did he run errands with Low? If so, why wouldn’t he tell her? She picks up her iPhone 13 to face-time his personal phone. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, he’s probably hanging out with Low and forgot to call me. After a few calls, he doesn’t pick up. “Fuck FaceTime, I’m calling him”.

After a few more calls, still no answer. 

“FUCK! Where is my man? It’s unlike him to just go anywhere and not tell me. What the hell is going on!” Jay yelled out as tears streamed down her cheeks. She suddenly has this strange feeling deep in her stomach — as if something isn’t right. 

Memories replayed in her mind as she tries to recollect anything Dice might’ve mentioned throughout the years that can help her. It’s almost as if she could hear his voice in her head so clear that she felt he was in the room talking to her. She heard the voice say, “Aye check this out, if some crazy shit were to ever happen and I’m not responding, there are three things I need for you to do: first, go get your gun. Second, go into my office and take everything out of the safe and put it in the duffle bag I keep in the closet. Third, call Low. It May sound crazy but I promise you he will know how to handle it. Shit, that nigga might even know where I’m at too.” 

“THAT IS IT!” she shouts. Jay walks over to the side table and grabs her gun. Just in case. She always kept the key for the office taped to the draw in her vanity. Dice insist that is a silly place to keep such an important item, but it’s convenient. A chill came over her as she walks down the hallway to his office. As she approaches the door, she inhales deeply and unlocks the door. She opens the door with her right hand pushing the door wide open, while the gun’s left hand slowly aims across the room. 

Jay scans the office and the entire room is clear. Before opening the safe, she notices there is a note on the desk. Normally she would have minded her business and respect his privacy but with all that is going on at the moment, she felt it was right to read the note. Her eyes begin to swell up with tears as she reads “Jay, I’ll explain everything when I get home. Remember what I told you, call Low. I love you always and forever baby – Dice”. Her eyes are overflowing with tears, causing her lashes to lift. This is way more serious than she ever assumed. She tries not to overthink but the tears are uncontrollable. After a few minutes have passed, she calms herself down. Forget step two, I need to call Low to find out what the hell is going on. If anyone knows anything it is him. Jay grabs her phone out of her back pocket and starts dialing. Low picked up on the first ring, she didn’t even give him time to speak.  

“Dice is missing! He’s not answering his phone and all I have is a-“she says quickly before getting cut off. 

“Say-less, I’ll be there in 5 minutes” 

Call ends.

To be continued…

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  1. Bunnie says:

    Oh shit bitch this is amazing

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  2. Barbara Truss says:

    OMG 😮I cant wait to see what’s up with “Dice”. Jay is a Rider!!!! Lol

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  3. Diane says:

    Omg dont leave me hanging. Whayly thw fuck happen to 🎲. ITS. GOING DOWN. LUVV IT

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  4. Kyia says:

    Soooooo …..I’ll wait but don’t have me waiting forever! 🤗

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  5. Sakinah Sabree says:

    Omg can’t wait for part 2 need to know what happen to Dice an what Low an Jay going to do. It’s going down

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  6. Danielle Taylor says:

    I want more ! This is a great read La! Good stuff !

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