The Love of Jay and Dice: Part 2

Low pulls up in his all black 2019 C-Class Mercedes Benz, and Jay hops in the passenger seat. She is carrying nothing but her phone, the Glock and an extra clip just in case. She’s fully prepared, and loaded for anything tonight. He pulls off soon once she closes the door. There was a strong silence in the car that lasted until they reached the stop sign at the corner. “Alright Low, what the fuck is going on? I’m ready to beat a bitch up, and kill anyone that comes my way! And tell me the truth Low!” Jay says as she loads her gun and checking the safety. “Yo, Jay” he says as chuckling and shaking his head, “chill out sis, I’ll tell you everything. BUT I’m not telling you shit with that gun in your hand.” he says while trying to watch the road, and look at her. “Aight, you got it,” Jay says while placing the gun under the seat. Low shakes his head and takes a deep breath before explaining the situation. “Aight, BOOM .. a few months ago someone started sending threats to Dice’s office saying that he knows Dice does dirty business in the streets and uses his company to clean the money,” says Low

Jay entire facial expression and body language starts to change, as Low continues. “Overtime it became more, and more serious. There were letters saying he or she knows all about Junior and the 12 disciples operation. Meaning he knows Junior still has many ties, and Dice is running shit for him. So unless we give this person half a mil’ he’s going to snitch and shut down everything. So Dice and I been working twice as hard, and saving up, just so we can save everyone’s ass.” Now Jay’s eyes are completely wide open, almost popping out of her head. Her hands begin to sweat. “Yeah, so that’s everything. I’ll give you a few minutes to collect your thoughts though.” Low says while slowing down at a traffic light. Ironically, his iPhone lights up from a text message from Dice. Low can tell she’s sill processing all the news by the shocking expression on her face, so he opens his phone discreetly. As reading the text, he thinks to himself “Oh shit, it’s more serious than I thought”. He notices the location is at their old warehouse close to the docks. No GPS was needed, Low knew exactly where to go. He steps on the gas, and heads towards the location. It’s silence between them and the low hum of Meek Mill playing in the background. Both of their minds are racing, trying to process all the chaos that has occurred within such a short amount of time. He’s weaving in and out of traffic, gripping the stirring wheel tight trying not to show his frustration. “You good Jay? Low ask, “Yeah, I’m good. It’s just a lot. ” Jay responded, “Aight, good. Only thing your mind should be focus on right now is the bastard that got Dice,” he said as he races through traffic.

They pull up to the location and looks around to see if anyone is awaiting their arrival. “Wait. Wait. He’s here? Isn’t this where ya’ use move the weight?” Jay asked while looking out the window confused. “Yeah it is, and it’s also where we killed our mans” Low responds nonchalantly while putting the car into park. “Kill? Who did ya’ll kill here that he would only want Dice?” she asked. Now she’s starting to become frustrated. “I am sick and tired of the bullsh-“ Jay continues before Low suddenly cuts her off. “Don’t you ever shut the fuck up?! Shit it serious right now, and I’m not 50 Cent so I don’t want to hear 21 questions!” Low demands in his deep voice. Jay is looking at Low as if he has lost his mind, she understands that it’s a lot going on right now but her biggest concern at the moment is Dice’s safety. She knows Dice has done a lot of stuff over the years but she never expected to ever come back. “This is exactly why we leave you in the dark about certain stuff. Now I’ll tell you everything but you have to calm down first” Low says while rolling his eyes and lights his blunt. She takes a deep breath, and replies “fine” while exhaling. “About 10 years ago, Dice and I killed that snake bastard Zion in this warehouse. We noticed work was going missing so we staked out one night, We caught him trying to steal some bricks. Although Zion always been our mans, he was always a snake. He always felt he deserved a larger percentage since we started together. He was salty my cut was always more than his, and that Dice had you plus the money he had always wanted. So. We killed him. Story time over” Low says continuing to smoke his blunt. “Yo, this is too much” Jay responds while shaking her head. “I always wondered what happen to him, he was such a creep. But that’s beside the point … what’s the word? We running up in there, right?!” she asks while pulling her gun from under the seat. “Na, I am. Me. I’m running up in there. You are going to sit here and wait until I come back. Don’t come inside unless you hear a gunshot” Low response. “Man, whatever. Be safe bro,” says Jay rolling her eyes, “always sis” Low response. He pops the trunk and gives Jay a head nod before getting out of the car. Low grabs his guns out the trunk, tucks one in his jeans and has one in his hand. He closes the trunk, and quietly enters the side door of the warehouse.

“Who the fuck are you!?” Dice asked aggressively. “Calm down. You’ll know who I am soon enough” Zion responds while walking over to the wall, and flicks on the light switch. Once the light comes on, Dice’s facial expression changes instantly. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he hasn’t seen Zion in almost 10 years. The last they saw each other, they’ve assumed that would be the last encounter eternally. Looks like the universe had other plans. Zion sits the chair on the opposite end of the table, never taking his eyes off of Dice. They’re having an intense stare down, you can feel the tension between them. After a couple of minutes of silence, Dice finally breaks the ice. His blood was starting to boil, as he asked “how are you alive right now? You should be dead! We killed you!” He balls his hands up into a fist and slams them on the table. “All this time you’ve been stalking and trying to blackmail me like a punk! If you were real, you would’ve robbed or killed me by now. But nah, not Zion.” says Dice while staring down Zion. Zion begins to chuckle and smile, while clapping saying “yeah, that’s the Dice I know. Keep poppin all that shit, I’m going to shoot you. Then Jay can pop her ass for me”. “Stop fucking playing with me!” Dice yells out, and reaches for his gun. “Oh, you looking for this?” Zion asks while holding Dice’s gold-painted pistol. Dice takes a deep breath, closes his eyes and exhales before he asks “what do you want Z?”. “You know exactly what I want. I want what should’ve been mi-“, before Zion could finish his statement Low ran into the room shooting. Zion spins around and started shooting back. They begin to have shoot out, bullets are firing back and forth. Sounds like Chicago on the Fourth of July, along with a shower of bullet shells pinging against the hard cement floor. Zion shoots Low in his left shoulder, which causes Low to fall to the ground. As he’s falling he fires his gun one last time at Zion which hits him in his right thigh. Low is knocked out from the impact of his wound, causes a wicked smile across Zion’s face. He turns around and smiles at Dice but his smile slowly turns into a frown when he notices Dice has a gun in his hand as well and it’s aimed at Zion’s head. Zion should know, Dice is always strapped.

As Jay is sitting in the car anxiously, she begins to hear all the gunshots. “It’s Showtime,” she says while looking in the mirror putting her lipgloss. She grabs her gun, phone, car keys and most importantly the extra clip. Jay hops out the car and runs into the side door that Low walked into earlier. She slowly walks into the warehouse with her gun drawn, awaiting whoever seeks her presence. Jay knows how to move discreetly, she is a black belt who happens to be armed. She no longer hears gunshots, yet, she does hear two men having an intense conversation. Jay follows the sound of the voices, which leads her to an office located in the back of the warehouse. The door is already open, so she stands to the side of the metal door frame before peeking into the room. She slowly peeks her head into the room and sees Low laid out on the floor bleeding from his shoulder, Zion trying to stand while blood is running down his leg. Lastly, she makes eye contact with Dice automatically. He gives her a discreet head nod and tries to prolong his intense conversation with Zion so he does not see Jay. Zion is too concentrated on where Dice is aiming his gun. Dice’s eyes are dark and empty, and Zion senses that he won’t be able to tell this story. That head nod was a confirmation for Jay. She takes the safety off and aims at Zion.


To be continued…

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  1. Blaze_annie says:


    Aims at Zion to end it is crazy !

    Does jay have any sisters ?


    1. viakyla says:

      No but she does have a badass cousin that plays no games. She’ll be mentioned in episode 4


  2. Sakinah Sabree says:

    Omg Lala such a good story so love it, Niece I’m so proud of you it takes a lot talent to write a excellent story like this

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  4. Putting on lip gloss before letting the shots ring off?! ABSOLUTELY!!


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