The Love of Jay and Dice: Part 3

“Dice and I have been together for so many years, it’s mind-blowing that he has hidden such a dark secret from me. I’m still processing everything Low told me before it all went down the other night. It’s just … what else is he hiding from me? What else don’t I know? I want us to be one of those happy flourishing black couples in Black Enterprise magazines. However, not only successful with our businesses and finances, but I want us to also achieve great milestones in our relationship… like marriage, children, anniversaries, and etc. I want it all for us, and I know he wants the same. He’s my first everything, and I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had to lose him to some nonsense from the streets. I’ll forever ride for him no matter what it is, and he knows I mean that. It’s evident now. And there’s no turning back after this. I actually murdered someone for him, and it was someone I knew. Yeah, Zion was annoying and a creep growing up yet, never in a million years did I ever think I would be his murderer. Shockingly, this whole situation is scarcely phasing me. It has been a week now and I’m more concern about the health of my relationship. For most people, this would’ve replayed numerous times in their mind like a broken record until it drove them crazy. Not me though. Zion was getting what was coming to him anyway, whether Dice or I pulled the triggered. I feel like there are more secrets in my relationship I’m oblivious to. I’ll soon find out though” Jay thinks to herself as shes driving towards Eastside Hospital.

It has merely been a week since everything happened, and Low has been in the hospital since. He was badly injured from getting shot. The bullet went through his shoulder which caused nerve damage. After the situation that just occurred, Low made sure he stayed a few extra days in the hospital to get the proper physical therapy. Every day since Jay has been visiting Low meanwhile Dice has been staying at their hideout upstate. Jay turns down Summer Walker’s CPR that was coming through the speakers as she pulls into the parking garage in her sliver 2019 BMW Series 3. She rolls down the window, reaches for the ticket so the gate can raise and she can proceed. Luckily she finds space convenient to the elevator. Jay puts the car into park and fixes her lip gloss in the mirror before she grabbing her belongings. Jay steps out the car in her Balenciaga slides, Amiri jeans which compliment her thick thighs and hips perfectly, a white crop top slightly revealing her slim waist and D cup twins, with her black leather Chanel bag on her shoulder. As she’s walking away from her car, her phone begins to consecutively vibrate from text messages. She ignored her phone though and concentrated on catching the elevator to the main lobby. Just so happen there’s a guy waiting for the elevator as well, the closer Jay got the more her anxiety built up. She really did not want to miss the elevator because she was already running late. She had mentioned to Low she’ll be here over an hour ago, but her nail tech took longer than usual today. Soon as she was about to slow down her pace, the elevator door had opened and the man had stepped in. “Ugh!” Jay loudly grunted, and begin to walk faster. She did not park far from the elevator either. Seemed as if the closer she got, the farther the elevator actually was. Luckily, the guy held the door for her so she was able to get on without having to wait for it to come back up. There’s only one issue, this is the busiest elevator in the parking lot because it solely goes directly to the main lobby. So she would’ve been waiting. “Thanks, I appreciate that. I really didn’t feel like waiting” Jay says as she steps into the elevator. “You’re welcome. I wouldn’t want you wait either” he replies in a deep voice, while flashing a beautiful smile filled with bright white teeth. “Oh he’s trying to flirt? That’s cute. Not gon’ lie he does look good — why am I lying to myself he is fine but he ain’t Dice tho” Jay thinks to herself as she stands next to him. There’s awkward silence as the door closes, it’s obvious the two of them are somewhat attracted to each other. Her phone begins to vibrate again, she almost forgot about it. She noticed he’s checking her out from the corner of her eye, she pays him no mind though and pulls her phone out the purse. It’s a message from Dice, which positions a kool-aid smile across her face. “Hey, Baby appears like everything has cooled down so I’m coming tonight. I have a little something special for you. So, don’t take too long to come home” reads the text message, in the result of a smile lasting on her face. “Dang, who you got you glowing like that? That implies I have some competition” the guy says to Jay, meanwhile she is heavily concentrated on her phone. “Boy. I have a man. There’s no competition when he’s already a champion” she replies as the elevator comes to a stop on her floor. As she sashays off the elevator, she turns around and flashes him a smile. “Yeah okay, we’ll see” he responds as the doors close.

Jay continues to stride through the lobby, towards the security desk. As she signs the visitor sign-in book, she notices Low’s girlfriend Chase had signed right below her, which means she’s is visiting as well. Discovering Chase’s name gave Jay an automatic attitude. There’s something about her that just doesn’t sit right with Jay and never did. They didn’t have much in common besides mutual friends and only coexist with each other for the sake of their relationships. Chase is from Washington Heights and had it rough coming up. You’ll never know though, she always had the what’s trending and kept herself looking good. She never spoke much about her family or ever invited anyone over to visit — not even Low. Chase wasn’t like most girls in their community either, although she was raised in the heights she wasn’t involved in drama. She’s pretty, paid and educated, just like Jay. They use to be best friends; now turned frenemies. Everyone swore they were sisters throughout High School, they shared so many qualities and even looked alike. Ironically, they were quite similar in some ways except in some ways. The only difference is Jay the daughter of the local police commissioner and judge. They tried to shelter her as much as they possibly could from the dangers and reality of the streets. It wasn’t until high school when she met Chase, Dice, and Low. After graduation, and each following their own path Jay enrolled in college. That’s when Chase randomly started to become very distant and have a weird behavior towards their crew. Whenever they attempted to hang out, she’ll make the strangest excuses that never came across sensible. It really upset Jay, mainly because she never expected their friendship would end up like this. Yet, it also kept her curious n in finding out the reason behind these weird actions. It was very odd and sketchy, she only returned for holidays and never cared to tell Jay. Besides the guys, that was her only friend so she adored and appreciated their bond. After college Chase made an effort to come back around as if there wasn’t an obvious gap within their friendship. Over time they coexisted and remained associates, yet, Jay didn’t have the same love and loyalty as she once did. Their friendship is now hardly a memory now. Jay rolls her eyes, grabs the visitors to pass from the security guard and goes to the elevator. She pushes the button and waits for the elevator to arrive.

Shortly the doors open, and she proceeds into the elevator. Before she can push the button she hears a familiar voice saying “well, this must be my lucky day because everywhere I go, I keep seeing you” as the doors close. “Oh, don’t worry I got that for you. What floor are you going to?” he says as reaching for the button panel. “Five. And it’s not your lucky day it’s just a coincidence” Jay replies with a smirk as she realizes its the guy from the garage elevator. Jay is trying not to pay too much attention to him, but he is just so attractive. He has similar features to Dice except his skin tone was caramel, and Dice has a rich dark chocolate skin. Her type is Dice. She has never found anyone else attractive besides him. She has never flirted with another man, ever. Anything that isn’t Dice just doesn’t feel right. Oddly for some reason, she’s actually interested in getting to know this guy. Maybe it’s the coincidence of frequently meeting each other on the elevator. Or maybe it’s his beautiful white Colgate smile and smooth caramel skin. “Since we keep running into each other let me introduce myself. I’m Brenden, most people call me B” he adds while he reaches for a handshake. “Nice to meet you B, I’m Jayla but I prefer to be called Jay” she responds as grasping his hand. “Jayla. Jay. That’s a pretty name. Well, Jay looks like we’re going to the same floor” Brenden said. “Ha, look at that” she replies nervously and pulls her hand away quickly so he won’t feel her palms sweat. Although Dice isn’t present she doesn’t want Low or sneaky ass Chase to see her flirting. The elevator comes to a stop, and the door opens “ladies first” Brenden says as holding the doors open. “Thanks. Keep it cute, okay? I am engaged” she replies while exiting the elevator flashing her engagement ring. “And I’m a doctor” Brenden responds while walking behind her. “Okay, what is that suppose to mean?” Jay says in a snappy tone, “I thought we were stating unimportant information” Brenden replies with a smirk. “Who does he think he is? These light skins are always so full of themselves” she thinks to herself while rolling her eyes. They continue to have small talk and flirt while walking down the hallway, Jay was getting nervous Low or Chase might see them flirting the closer they get to the room. Before she knew it they arrived in Low’s room, “well this is me, it was nice talking to you Dr.Brenden” Jay says before walking in. “Oh really? How ironic this is my patient’s room. Are you related to Mr. James?” “Oh yeah, something like that” Jay answers nervously.

“Ayo Doc! I see you met my Lil’ Sista Jay” Low yells across the room as if he just saw Brenden walking down the street. “How are you doing today Mr. James? You ready to go home?” Brenden says while walking into the room. Jay is at lost for words, she had mixed feelings at the moment. She’s feeling ashamed and embarrassed because she has never let her guard down before to allow another man to feel comfortable enough to flirt with her. Something about Brenden was different that kept Jay intrigued in him. Although it is only a conversation, it’s a big deal for her. Hopefully Low didn’t notice anything or Chase. “Sis, you good?” Low asks, “yeah girl, you okay? You look a little off” Chase also asks Jay. “Yeah my fault bro, I was lost in my thoughts. Been a lot on my mind lately that’s all.” Jay responses to Low. “Yeah girl, I’m fine can’t you see?” sarcastically asking Chase as she flips her hair. Brenden begins to discuss with everyone, especially Low that he has been too cautious when doing physical activities because it can severely be damaging to the motion of his arm. Low didn’t pay mind to any of Dr. Brenden’s instructions though, he’s a very nonchalant guy who tends not to dwell on the negative. Low know he had to be back in the streets overseeing and maintaining everything so the money can flow correctly. He has been here long enough, and all he has been thinking about is all the money he’s been unable to touch in the past couple of weeks. The whole Zion situation has been weighing heavy on his mind. He knows for certain Zion was murdered over 10 years ago, how could he possibly be alive? The night they killed him, no one was at the storage or dock that night but them. They got rid of his body that night also, so, someone must’ve known about the Zion robbing Dice and Low. The main question is who? Jay and Low begin to chat while Chase goes with Brenden to get the paperwork. “Sis, I know you’re happy my boy is coming home tonight,” Low says, “how’d you know he’s coming home? And yes, I am happy but I have so much to ask him though. I don’t know about you bro, but I have a lot of questions. Shit isn’t adding up to me” Jays says as she sits in the chair. “Na, I have some questions too is but I’m going to get answers myself,” Low says as he stands up and stretches next to his bed. He’s so tall and skinny that his arms and legs look way longer than the average person because he’s so slim. Low is about six foot, six inches tall, rich caramel skin covered in tattoos like 1980’s New York City’s subway station. It’s ironic his name is Low when in reality he’s always the tallest person in the room. “We’ll get our answers soon enough though. Trust.” Low says in a serious tone. “Okay bae, here are your discharge papers. I’ll go put all your balloons and flowers in the car and will be waiting in the front for you” Chase says while handing Low his release forms. “Don’t take long either. We have things to do at home” she says before giving him a kiss goodbye. Jay rolls her eye in disgust as Chase walks out of the room, “anywho I’m going to head home myself. I would’ve stayed longer, but you know .. I’ll see you later Bro. I love you, glad you’re finally being able to go home” Jay says while reaching for a hug before heading out. “Aight Sis, I love you too. Give my boy my love” Low responds. “It was nice meeting you Doc, thanks for taking good care of my brother,” Jay says while putting her hand out for a handshake, “it was my pleasure meeting you as well Jay. Maybe next time we run into each other, we’ll get to talk more” Brenden responds while licking his lips and smiling while shaking Jay’s hand. Jay gets sudden butterflies, and can’t help but to blush from the obvious flirting that’s taking place. She quickly snatches her hand away before Brenden started to feel her palms sweat uncontrollably again. As she nervously walks out of the room, she still manages to look sexy.

Jay hops in her car and starts to head home so she can enjoy her special night with her man. She has all the windows down, with her hair blowing in the wind as Gunna is loudly playing through the stereo. Jay was so lost in the music that she even didn’t realize how was quick the ride was. As she pulled into the driveway, she sees Dice’s car parked in front and the lights on glowing through the blinds in the living room window. She takes a deep breath as she puts the car into the park and mutters “my baby is home” in a low tone smirking into the rearview mirror. Jay pulls down the mirror to check her hair and makeup before going inside. She steps out the car, grabs her purse and walks up the cobblestone path from the driveway to the front door. Her anxiety begins to increase as she gets closer to the door, the last time she came home and seen his car in the front he wasn’t there. Butterflies begin to flutter in her stomach more, and more each step she takes. This time is different though. Jay takes a deep breath while turning the key in the front door, and opens it as she exhales. As she unlocks the door the can smell the beautiful fragrance of steak sizzling in the pan with fresh herbs, and spices, with baked sweet potato, steamed vegetables. The food smelled so good that her stomach begins to loudly growl as the door closed behind her. She didn’t have much of an appetite when she left the hospital, but she surely has one now. Is it an appetite for the food or the handsome chocolate man that’s cooking it? Jay drops her bag on the couch and kicks off her slides as she walks over to Dice, with a seductive look in her eyes. He hasn’t realized she entered the house. He’s so deep into his cooking and blasting Tory Lanez so loudly that he didn’t hear the front door close. “Ain’t nothing like coming home and seeing you’re fine ass fiancé cooking dinner for you. Now, this is something I can get used to for the rest of my life” Jay thinks to herself while watching him cook and sing. She sneaks up behind him and gets on her toes to kiss him on his neck. He slightly flinched when he felt her soft lips touch the back of his neck. “I know them lips from anywhere,” Dice says in a low tone as he turns around so her lips can meet his. This small peck on his neck led to a passionate kiss between the two. He started to caress her waist and allow his hands to explore her lovely luscious curves. “Girl you know you can’t come around me looking and smelling all good. You gon’ make me burn this whole shit down” Dice said as he gives Jay one last kiss on the lips before turning back towards the stove. “Babe, go wash up. Dinner should be ready when you come back downstairs. Oh, and make sure you’re wearing that new outfit I left on the bed for you when you come back” he says before turning her out with Tory Lanez’s Chixtape 3. “How’d you kiss me like that, then turn around and tune me out?!” Jay says as she sucks her teeth and rolling her eyes. “I love how he can just simply turn me on by a kiss. I don’t know how he does it. But, I can’t wait to have him for dinner” Jay thinks to herself as she walks out the kitchen and upstairs to their bedroom.

When Jay steps into the bedroom, she notices there are rose petals leading from the hallway to the bedroom door. One thing about Dice, he always knows how to make his lady feel appreciated and loved. He never allows Jay to feel unappreciated, especially when he has been out of town for a few days. You should always show a woman you love her — it’s best when it’s unexpected. Jay opens the bedroom door, to find the floor is fully covered with rose petals. “I miss you” is written out in rose petals across their California king bed, along with a La Perla box tied with a nice red ribbon. A small envelope was attached to the box as well. Jay picks up the envelope and starts to read the note inside, the message read “Baby I’m sorry. Get dress and come downstairs. Let’s enjoy each other.” She begins to wonder, what could he be possibly apologizing for. “If it’s for the Zion situation then there’s no reason to apologize. No one told me to pull the trigger. Regardless of who I killed, I’m more happy Dice is alive and safe. Yet, I don’t mind the gifts and romantic night either — it has been a while since we’ve had any time for each other with our busy schedules” she thinks to herself as she pulls the red lace bra, and matching lace thong out of the box. “I’ll look good as hell in this though, he and I both know that” she smirks to herself holding up the lingerie. Jay lays down the matching set on the bed and walks into the bathroom. She slides open the glass shower door and turns on the water that fell from the ceiling shower head as if it was a personal waterfall. After prepping the water temperature a bit, she has begun to undress and place her clothes in the hamper. She continues to proceed to place her hair into a high bun to avoid her wash n’ set from being destroyed. As she walks past the large, wide bathroom mirror she stops and poses admiring her luscious curves and melanin skin. She does this on a daily basis to remind herself that shes a bad bitch. Jay steps into the shower and takes some time to collect her thoughts and relax. She lathers up her body and begins to get lost in the sound of the warm, steamy water hitting the marble floor of the shower. Her mind begins to wonder which causes her to start thinking of Brenden. It was harmless flirting, and will never be anything serious between the two because they wouldn’t have a reason to communicate since Low was discharged. Low and Chased noticed the puzzled, shocked expression Jay had after speaking to Brenden before entering the room. Is it possible they could’ve them flirting in the hallway, or it’s all in Jay’s mind?

It was a brief shower though, Jay was heavily focused on the food Dice has been cooking. The sweet tasty aroma begins to linger throughout the house. All thoughts were completely erased as the scent came across her nose. She turned off the water, slides the glass door open, and steps out of the shower to reach for her towel from the hook next to the door. She wraps the soft white towel around her body, before exiting the bathroom. Jay walked into her room, dries off her well and starts to get dress. As she walks out of the room to meet Dice for dinner, she checks her bra straps and thong one last time before heading downstairs while looking in the bedroom mirror. Jay heads out the bedroom and towards the stairs so the romantic night she has been longing for can finally happen. The butterflies reappear in her stomach as she walks down the stairs. Dice is standing at the bottom of the stairs sipping a glass of wine admiring her as she walks down each step. Soon as their eyes met, they locked. The energy was intense, and PARTYNEXTDOOR playing throughout the surround sound speakers throughout the house is enticing it. To break the moment, Jay takes the glass of wine of his hand and drinks the remaining wine until the glass is empty. She places the wine glass back into his hand and walks to the dining room table. As she walks past him, he smacks her butt with a smirk on his face. “I like that shit girl” he responds as following behind her.

Before Jay could even think about sitting down, Dice was already behind her pulling the chair out for her. He’s such a gentleman, he barely ever lets Jay do anything for herself except to manage her company. Jay sits down, then Dice slightly pushed her chair in so she’s comfortable. Before heading to his chair, he kisses her on the forehead. He pours both of them eat a glass of wine and a healthy serving of the meal he prepared. Dice sits in his chair adjacent to Jay and gazes at Jay as if she’s the only girl in the world. “Baby, this food looks so good I don’t know where to start,” Jay says as admiring the plate of food in front of her, she doesn’t notice that Dice is lost in the sight of her beauty. He raises his glass in the air, while she mirrors his actions and does the same. “I want to make a toast to us. Every day you remind me why I fell in love with you, and why I proposed to you. I vow to never interfere you in any danger ever again. So, on that note cheers to us remaining a strong, faithful couple” Dice states as they cling their glasses. They each take a sip and proceed to eat their dinner. “Ugh, why would he mention the word ‘faithful’ after I was flirting with another man in front of his own friend,” Jay thinks to herself “hopefully neither Low or Chase noticed anything. If so — I’m fucked and my relationship is over.” Moments go by as they laugh, eat, flirt back and forth over the dinner table. About two hours have passed, and they finally are done with dinner. Both of their plates were eaten cleaned, glasses were empty and including both bottles of wine as well. “Did you make dessert too or I’m having you for dessert?” Jay asks Dice as she holds his hand, while seductively looking into his eyes. “Great question. You’re having me for dinner, I’d figured that will be best because it won’t get your new outfit messy. Well — not too messy at least” he replies while licking his lips and massage her fingers slowly. “Yum. I love chocolate. Especially dark” she responds while biting her lip. “I’ll clean up this mess for us, I just need you meet me upstairs,” Dice says while getting up from the dining room table collecting the plates and wine glasses. “Don’t get undressed or anything without me. I bought that outfit for you, but it’s mostly for me” he expresses in a serious tone before exiting into the kitchen. Jay gets up from the table while rolling her eyes saying “I was trying to have some dessert on nice this glass dining table but FINE guess we can keep things within the bedroom tonight.” She always has to make a comment or have the last word. To some it may be annoying yet to Dice it’s attractive. He loves that she’s aggressive and outspoken. That’s just who she is, and he doesn’t want to change anything about her except her last name. She walks out of the room behind him and begins to walk up the stairs. The wine has started to kick in as Jay got halfway up the stairs, so she began to slow down her pace.

As she continued to walk, she suddenly felt a hot flash occur which made her silk red robe feel like a mink coat. Soon as she gets to the top of the stairs she drops her robe, exposing her backside and butt with her lace thong barely showing because her butt cheeks are swallowing it. She flips her hair off her back, onto her shoulder and begins to fan herself as she proceeds into the bedroom. Jay walks over to her vanity to grab a hair tie, so she can pull her hair into a high bun. “I thought I told you to keep on everything. Which included the robe” Dice asked while walking into the room holding the robe. Her back was facing him, yet she didn’t his reflection in the mirror is that the vanity is adjacent to the bedroom door. She was startled by his voice because she did not hear him walking upstairs or into the bedroom. The closer he moved towards her, she began to see his reflection appear in the mirror. Before she could turn around she could feel the heat radiating off of his body, onto her back. He wasn’t even touching her yet, and she was already enticed. His presence alone can have her flower instantly drenched as if a rainstorm overcame her garden. Dice gently kisses the back of her neck as she’s adjusting her hair in the mirror, the kisses start to lead a trail from her neck down to her shoulders as he hugs her tightly, yet softy grips her cheeks. Then suddenly turns her around so they’re facing each other. Jay felt her lips were magnetic to Dice’s body, and all she wanted to do kiss every inch of him. She lifts her head up slightly so their eyes can meet, although he’s a few inches taller than her. He looks down at Jay while smirking and licking his lips. Dice pulls his shirt over his head exposing his muscular chocolate torso, without taking his eyes off Jay. She reaches her hands to his stomach and traced all of the squares that formed his six-pack. While they’re still having an intense staredown, she slowly begins to ease her hands down towards his pants zipper. Dice grabs her hand and says “na baby, tonight’s my night so that means everything goes my way. Let me take the lead, sit back and enjoy the view.” He starts to passionately kiss her and scoop her up into his arm, instantly wrapping her legs around his waist. Dice slowly places her on the bed and proceeds to take off his jeans before joining her on the bed. She looks down at his Tommy Hilfiger briefs and notices that he’s also very enticed by her presence. He aggressively pulls Jay by her legs so her body is close enough for her legs to rest on his shoulders. Jay is lost for words, it has been a while since they have been intimate with each other. Seems as if the universe doesn’t want them to enjoy each other.

Their hands begin to explore each other when suddenly they hear a loud knocking coming from downstairs. They ignore it though and continue to let their lips intertwine while trying to tare off each other undergarments. The knocking becomes to become louder this time, which startles Jay causing her to accidentally bite Dice’s lip. “Shit! What the — who the fuck could that be?!” Dice questions in an aggravated tone. “I’m a sorry baby,” Jay says in an apologetic tone. “Nah, not you babe. I don’t mind a bite. I’m tryna figure out who the hell could possibly be knocking as if they’re the police” Dice expresses, Jay grabs his face to kiss him to change his focus. Tonight was not the night to be messed with unless it’s worth ruining. Her touch instantly calms him down, and continue their romantic night. He begins to pull down her thong exposing her flower, he looks up at her with a smirk. She smiles back while light biting her bottom lip. Before Dice can pull his boxers off, there’s another louder knock at the door. “Na, fuck that. I’m going to see what’s up!” He gets off the bed and reaches for his shirt off of the floor. “You serious right now? I really can’t believe this! After everything that happened in the past couple of weeks, do you think this is really a good idea?” Jay yells from the bed, sitting up. “Jay, stop thinking like that. What if it’s important?” Dice ask while walking to the bedroom door. “Ugh. Fine” she mumbles while dramatically throwing her body on the bed. “Leave the gun here in case it’s 12” she mentions to him before he walks out of the bedroom. Dice rolls his eyes and tosses his pistol into the top drawer of his dresser. “I really wonder who could this be knocking at the door. It’s almost 11:30 at night. I don’t think it’s police though. I’ve been out the game for almost five years now” he says to himself as he quickly walks down the stairs. As he gets closer to the door, he notices an unmarked car is in front of the house with the engine still running and headlights on throughout the window. After seeing the car, he begins to ponder who could this possibly be, and whoever it may be, is it really worth leaving the bedroom. Maybe Jay was right, they should’ve kept enjoying their romantic evening instead of tending to drama. Dice is quickly snapped out of deep thoughts once he hears the knocking again. The knocking startled him, and whoever is knocking must have some aggression built up. They’re knocking like the police. He walks up the door to peep through the peephole before asking who is it and open the door. When he realized who it was, he took a big gasp and became anxious to open the door. His hands begin to sweat as he prepares to open the door, he had to wipe the sweat on his boxers before turning the door handle. He opens the door nervous and greets the person at the door.

To be continued…

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  1. AyMe says:

    Nah sis, wtf is at the door?! 😩😩😩
    Keep up the good work ♥️ I love this and you inspire me to get back to my unfinished stories. I used to write all the time, I would lose the motivation and just abandon mad stories. Smh.

    But yeah it better not be no side bitch at the door!!!

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    1. viakyla says:

      You’ll soon find out 😉 Thank you so much baby! Yes go back to your writing I remember you read let me read some in college. You’ll find your push again, since it’s something you use to enjoy. And hmmmmm it might be a side bitch loll


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