Storytime: Jay & Dice Pt. 4

Don’t say I did not warn you. 18+ only

“Son-in-law! Man, you in there?” The voice shouts from outside the door. Dice instantly recognizes the voice, it’s Jay’s father Richard. By the tone of his voice and aggressive knocking, he doesn’t sound too happy with either Dice or Jay. Before opening the door Dice checks his sweatpants, wipes the sweat off his forehead and opens the door. “I’ve been trying to get in touch with you guys for weeks now. What the hell is going on ‘round here? Where ya been? Most importantly, where is my daughter?” Richard expresses in a concerned yet aggressive tone as Dice opens the door. He welcomes himself into their home, casually walking by Dice and straight into the living room. Luckily, he didn’t see the mess from their romantic dinner in the dining room. Richard is the local police commissioner, and he always well aware Dice is involved in the streets. Most fathers would oppose their daughter dating a kingpin, but Richard liked Dice because he wasn’t your average drug dealer. He use to be one of the top basketball players in the city. Not only is he book smart, but also street smart; unfortunately life happens so he had to turn to the streets. Based on the respect and love he has for their relationship he keeps all of Dice’s illegal activity under the radar. Surprisingly, the Zion situation didn’t come across his desk within the past few weeks. Richard does have information to provide to both of them, he rather tells Jay first though. “Well?!” ask Richard while taking a seat on the couch. “Oh, now it’s my turn to speak? Cool” laughing off the tension he felt “Whassup Rich? Jay and I have been busy with business lately.” Dice says quickly coming up with a lie. Normally he would’ve told the truth but the only thing on his mind is devouring Jay. Images of Jay laying in her red lace lingerie set nicely hugging her chocolate skin flashes in his mind as he talks to Richard. “It’s not even like that man, we’ve been hella busy. Long meetings, long nights, new clients … you know how that goes. We have both been trying to land some major business deals. Have you tried calling us?” Dice says. Richard leaned forward looking Dice into his eyes “Dice don’t play games with me youngin’, I wasn’t born yesterday”. He could see that Dice is lying, and hiding something, but he did not care enough to ask. He has bigger fish to fry. Richard stood up and walked over to him still keeping eye contact. “Listen, just have my daughter call me. It’s important. By the way, I know you’re lying” says Richard as he places a hand on Dice’s shoulder before exiting the house.

“That was odd..” Dice thought to himself as he watches Richard walk out the door. He didn’t have time to dwell on it at the moment, his manhood is craving Jay. “I’ll make sure to relay the message to Jay, but it’s time to finish my dessert” he thinks to himself as looking down at his manhood which is still slightly excited. Dice goes to lock the door, and turn on the security system — there’s no needs to be no more intrusions or interruptions. He might have brushed off what Richard said, but he did make a mental note of it. There’s something not right, Dice can sense it. No time to dwell on it, he has business to finish. Hopefully, Jay will share whatever suspicious information Rich might be hiding. Dice quickly runs upstairs, heading straight into the master bedroom. He slowly opens the bedroom door, and almost had to catch his jaw from falling off his face. He was astonished by witnessing Jay laying there memorizing every part of her flower. A sweat came over his body as he stood there in shock, he has never seen his woman be so sensual with herself. He loved every minute of it. “Damn baby, I wasn’t even gone for that long and you already started without,” Dice says in a low voice, walking over to the bedside with a smirk sitting upon his face. She moans slowly in between deep breaths nodding her head, it turned him on each step he took. He stopped her right before she can reach climax, by grabbing both of her hands placing them above her head “that’s my job, just lay back Ma” he whispers in her ear. Before Jay could barely catch her breath, Dice’s head was between her legs while her hands were still being held together by Dice. The sensual tension she had built up sent her body into a frenzy, it has only been a week but felt like 6 months for Jay. Dice had licked, nibbled and sucked on her petal her precious flower to point where the sheets were drenched. She sat up to return the favor. Besides making money, her favorite thing to do was to please her man. Jay always aimed to satisfy. Dice pushed her back down onto the bed and pulled her by her legs placing both on each shoulder. She could feel his manhood fully anticipating her touch, but Dice wouldn’t allow her. He placed her hands back overhead, looking into her eyes “I told you to lay back” he says. Their lips interwined as Jay caressed his back feeling all his muscles and wrapping her legs around his waist. As he enters her sex, she gasped letting out a loud sigh of relief. No deep discussions are necessary after tonight, all emotions have been released without too much talking. They made endless, passionate yet aggressive love until the sun came up.

Jay woke up nicely snugged in Dice’s arms, covered by 500 thread count grey Egyptian cotton sheets as the sunlight peered through the blinds. “I could lay here forever. I missed Dice so much. Laying in his arms is so peaceful, and safe. I feel so secure whenever I’m around him” she thinks to herself as she admires Dice as he sleeps. He must’ve felt her eyes on him, as his eyes were still closed he grinned at her saying “good morning my love” in a raspy sleepy tone. “Good morning baby” she responds and kisses his chin asking “what you smiling about?”. Dice peeks open one eye, “Jayla no matter how years we’ve been together I know every morning you wake up and watch me sleep. I don’t mind, I love it” he says peeking one eye open, smiling at her pulling her closer. “You think you know everything. And I hate when you call me Jayla” she responded while rolling her eyes. “Shut up and kiss me, girl, you love everything that I do” Dice responds. Their lips meet, and their bodies began to get lost in between the sheets. They made love again, yet this time only Dice fell back to sleep. Jay sat on the side of the bed, pulled her hair into a bun and slipped her feet into her fluffy pink UGG slippers. Before getting up and reaching for her robe she placed a kiss upon Dice’s forehead. He stretches and groans from the touch of her soft lips on his skin. He smirked and rolled over slipping back into a deep slumber. She exits the bedroom with her silk robe on, carrying both business and personal phones in her hands.

As walking downstairs to the kitchen, she sees the mess that was made from the night before. There’s dirty dishes in the sink, empty wine bottles on the counter and pots still on their electric stainless steel stove. Jay quickly tries to ignore the mess by tending to other priorities, such as checking emails and messages that she has missed. Before proceeding with her cleaning ritual of blasting Keyshia Cole and Mary J. Blidge like it’s 2005, she notices her father has called and texted her multiple times last night. She instantly becomes worried, it’s rare for him to do so unless it’s an emergency. Too much has been going on lately, the last thing she needs is something to be wrong with her parents. Before assuming the worse, she quickly called her Dad. Her hands begin to sweat each time the phone rang, by the third ring Richard had picked up. “Hey, baby girl! I miss you. Did that fiancé of yours tell you I stopped by looking for you?” Richard asked, talking to her dad always makes her feel like she’s a kid again. Jay is certainly a daddy’s girl, especially considering she’s an only child their bond is strong. “Hi Dad, I miss you too. And no he didn’t — we were both kinds of busy last night so he probably forgot” Jay responds, then starts to wonder why wouldn’t Dice mention her father came by the house last night. She shook her head and brushed it off, it’s nothing serious. “But what’s up Dad? You’ve been calling me nonstop, is everything okay?” Jay asks in a concerned tone, “yeah your mother and I are fine. I have something important to tell you so come over ASAP. Don’t make me come looking for you again” Richard expressed. “I love you, don’t have me waiting” and hangs up the phone. Before she could utter any words, the call had ended. Jay looks down at her phone confused and lost for words. “Alrighty then,” says Jay while placing her phone in the kitchen counter, “let me start cleaning, then I’ll head over to my parents’ house”. Jay turns on her personal playlist and begins cleaning.

Jay takes a deep sigh of relief as she steps back and admired her clean grey marble countertop, stainless steel stovetop and grey marble floors that matched. “Now that’s clean I can go check my father. I find it odd that Dice had yet to mention my dad came looking for me though. Then again we were quite preoccupied last night, I doubt it was intentional. I hope whatever important news my dad has, it’s nothing serious. I don’t need anything else going wrong, I’m trying to avoid as much bullshit as possible” Jay thinks to herself as she walks upstairs to her bedroom. “Oh good, Dice is still sleeping hopefully I don’t wake up while getting ready. He’s even more handsome when he’s in a deep slumber” says Jay’s inner voice while standing in the bathroom doorframe admiring Dice. “I can’t wait until I have all of his beautiful chocolate children to fill up the extra rooms in the house. Who am I kidding, we’re moving out soon as I find out I’m carrying” she laughs to herself as turning the knobs of their ceiling shower to the right temperature. As she steps into the shower and let the hot water run down her brown skin, she thinks to herself “of course I want to make it official before even considering children. As long as we’ve been engaged and dating, I should be married by now. I don’t know what’s stopping him. I’m ready” she begins to think as getting lost in her deep thoughts. While still letting scenarios play and absorb her mind, moments have passed, resulting her taking a longer shower than expected. Jay steps out, grabs her towel and walks into the bedroom instantly startled when she notices Dice was sitting on the side of the bed cherishing the small moments. “I, I-I didn’t see you were up, I would’ve asked you to join me,” she says while planting a kiss on Dice’s forehead. “Nah, you wore me out” he replies laughing “where are you goin’ though?” Dice questions as he stretches. “I’m going to see my parents for a few. My father says he has something important to tell me” she answers while putting on her undergarments. “Oh right. He stopped by last night looking for you, I had forgotten to mention it. My fault babe”. “It’s okay baby” she smiled as she put on her leggings. Jay continued to get dress, and Dice connected his phone to the Bluetooth speaker in their bedroom. Meek Mill begins to loudly play as he pulled out all three of his cellphones, responding to emails and text messages pertaining to his businesses. By the time he had fully responded to everything, Jay was fully dressed. “No matter what she wears, she looks good as hell,” he thinks to himself as he admires Jay in her PINK t-shirt, matching leggings and all floral Gucci slides. She turns around to him handing her phones, and purse. Without even asking or saying, he always knows what she needs. Jay smiled at him and grabbed her belongings. Before walking out of the room, he kissed her and played in her long black hair. “Boy, my hair!” she squealed and steps back to walk away, “you play too much” and flips him off as she walks out of the room. “I love you too girl!” Dice laughs as he watches her walk off.

Jay arrives at her parent’s house, pulling into their cobblestone driveway that sat along with their large Tudor Victorian house. She steps out of her car, and lock it as she walks over to the house. Of course Jay still has her key to her childhood home, it’s always her first home no matter where she currently lives. Jay walks into the house yelling out “Mom, Dad! Ya girl is here!” “Obviously honey we can see that, you know your father has security cameras installed everywhere” her mother Janine responds as she walks from out the kitchen to greet Jay. “Hey Ma,” she says hugging her mother “where’s dad?” she asks before stepping back. “Down in his man cave. Go see him, I know that’s why you’re here. You never come around anymore, probably because your hips are getting wide” Janine responds in a nagging tone. Janine is the only person who can call Jay out on things without getting a snappy or rude response. They were very close, but Janine is a judge and goes strictly by the law. She never influenced any of the street nonsense Jay participated in, she raised her to have enough sense to never become like the individuals she placed behind bars. Although she never knew of any crimes Jay might have been involved in, she knows almost everything pertaining to Dice’s family criminal record. “I don’t know what you’re implying, but, please stop while you’re at it” Jay responded as she walks down the hallway towards the basement door.

She walks down the wooden spiral staircase and admires the renovations her parents have made to her childhood home. Richard and Janine’s basement was huge, it’s their own personal entertainment center. The main room was a large living room, with a projector to play all the movies on instead of a television. There are also three other rooms down there, which is her father’s private office, his man cave, storage room, including the bathroom. She walks directly to her father’s man cave and knocks on the door before entering. “Come in baby girl, the door is open” Richard yells from the other side of the door. Jay turns the knob and steps down into his man cave. His man cave had navy blue walls that nicely complimented his wooden polished floors. Each wall was covered in different items ranging from vinyl classic 70s and 80s albums, bookshelf containing books of all genres, a wall dedicated to his favorite sport ever, basketball along with an oversized flat-screen television mounted. Which sits behind a wooden bar fully stocked with his favorite liquor — Dusse to be exact. Lastly a wall of family photos and a large framed photo of Pam Grier as if he actually knows her. Richard is sitting in his large comfortable chair facing the television watching the weekend’s highlights on ESPN. “Hey, daddy!” Jay says in excitement as she kisses her father on the forehead trying not to distract him from his tv time. “Hey honey” he responds smiling and turning off the tv “you came just in time, we need to talk”. “Ah, man. What is it? I really don’t need anymore bull. My plate is full enough” she responds while taking a seat on the brown leather bar stool. “Well clear your plate, and put it in a doggy bag. This takes the cake” Richard says while walking over to his desk. He goes to unlock his private drawer and pulls out a large yellow envelope. It read “CONFIDENTIAL”, and was thicker than the holy bible. Richard plopped it down on the bar and slid it over to Jay. She stopped the envelope before it can slide off the desk, and began to feel the envelope hoping she’ll get a hint of what it might contain. “Before opening it, I want you to know this information came across my desk because I knew deep down something wasn’t always right. I’m showing you this because I love and trust you. I know you’ll take this information and use it to your advantage to handle this. Unfortunately, I can’t do much about this situation because it oversteps my level of authority but, you know I have friends all over that are willing to help” Richard says warning Jay. She nervously looks down at the envelope and her hands begin to sweat as her mind races. For Richard not to give Jay any hints on what it might contain is leaving her on edge. She takes a deep breath, unloosens the clasp and opens the envelope. Jay’s eyes start to widen as she skims each document, and pictures of Dice and Low committing crimes and drug deals. It seemed like the information was never-ending. Each time she thought she was done reading police reports, there was more. Ironically the same name kept appearing, and that’s what really sent Jay over the edge. She always had a feeling this person was a snake, and could not always be trusted no matter what time has passed. The documents her father had shown her contain information stating Chase Matthews is an undercover detective working on a top-secret case along with the FBI to take down Dice’s family drug operation. Chase has been building this case against them for over five years now, just the amount of time she had come back around the group. Dice’s father, Junior, was one of the most elite drug dealers in NYC during the 1980s and was completely untouchable. Every move he made was strategic and efficient. There’s always one gang that puts fear into all real gangsters heart, and that’s the FBI. Ever since Junior got word that he was wanted, he packed up and moved everything out of NY. No one has seen nor heard from him in almost 20 years now. Since his disappearance, Dice has successfully taken over the family business and proceeded to keep it as the same stature as his father. Jay never discusses Junior’s disappearance with Dice because she knows it is a touchy subject, and she’s not the type of person who dwells on the past or negative. Life always throws you a curveball, no need to get distraught over each one. Mixed emotions began to overwhelm Jay as she continued to read everything, the room grew silent and the only sound present was her flipping through papers.

“Wow. This bitch needs to die” Jay says under her breath after finally reading and analyzing every form of evidence. “I have mixed emotions right now. All I can say is, thank you. I don’t know how, but I’m going to handle this” she says while placing everything back in the envelope. As she finishes and lifts her dad, her father hands her a glass of tequila with ice. Jay smirks as she grabs the glass and finishes the whole glass in one gulp, “I needed that after reading this bullshit” she remarks as placing the glass on the bar. “I love you, honey. Everything that is meant to happen will, you cannot do this alone. I taught you well, so I’m not worried. Do what you gotta do” Richard says as he tightly hugs Jay and kisses her on the forehead. “I know dad, I love you too. If we need you, we won’t hesitate to ask either” Jay responds after hugging her father. As Jay walks out of the room, she turns around once more before exiting and says “thank you, Dad. This is some life-changing information you just gave me. Trust me, I’m going to handle this”, “ I know you are, never doubted that” Richard responds before the door closes behind her. So many thoughts are going through her mind right now, and she’s torn by emotions. Overall, she’s hurt and feels betrayed. Dice nor any of his family members have any affiliation to Chase so why would she even cross sides and rat on her own friend. Her head began to hurt as she started to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Chase was always so overly interested in Low and Dice’s business whenever she returned from college, which always kept Jay wondering what was her real interest. Chase and Low have been together just as long as Dice and Jay been dating, yet their relationship was unhealthy and toxic. Low often mistreated Chase by cheating and disrespecting her in public more than private, yet, they genuinely love each other. Chase use to seek revenge all the time that she will treat him the same way he treated her throughout the years. Yet, it did not matter how many times they cheated, argued and have dramatic make-up break-up episodes they always showed the love they shared was real. “If Dice gets arrested, so does Low… What does Chase have against them? I need answers”. Jay thinks to herself as she walks up the stairs leading to the main hallway. Jay can smell the sweet aroma of her mother’s famous homemade poundcake being baked in the oven. After that bomb Richard just told her, not even food can help how she’s feeling. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She didn’t want her mom to see she’s upset though, knowing Janine she would want to sit down and talk out everything. Usually, Jay is always down for a good talk with her mother, yet, that’s the last on her mind last thing at the moment. She quietly walked out of the house and sent her mother a text expressing why she left without saying good-bye. Janine is just like any other mother, don’t come or leave her house without formally showing love to the person who bought you into the world.

Jay clicked the unlock button on her car key and sat in her car staring into their rearview window. She can see anger written all over her face, and frowns aren’t good for bad bitches it leaves wrinkles in the future. Before closing the door, and push to start she tossed the envelope and her purse onto the passenger seat. She takes a deep breath and puts the car into reverse. As backing out of her parent’s driveway, her phone begins to ring which lit up the dashboard “shit. It’s Low. Let me just answer it before he gets suspicious” she thinks to herself. Jay answers the phone from the car and turns down the volume so whoever is around can’t hear much of their conversation. “Whassup Low? How are you feeling?” Jay asked trying to change the tone in her voice. “Fuck all that. Pull up on me, it’s sticky” Low responds abruptly and hangs up the phone. “Yo, what the fuck is going on around here,” Jay asks herself aloud. No time for questions though, soon as she fully pulls out of the driveway she switched the gear into drive and doing over 60mph through residential racing to Low’s house. She checked her glove compartment to make sure her gun is in there fully loaded. Last time Low said it was sticky, she had to catch a body. Well, maybe this will be her second.

To be continued…

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  1. Jocelyn says:

    It’s litt!!! It’s wrap for Chase! Love it baby girl. Very exciting🥰💕

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    1. viakyla says:

      That right! Chase MUST. GO. Thank you💗


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