Interview: Head to Toe Self Care

Self care is essential and people engage in various forms of self care daily. Everyone does it differently, you’d even be surprised what is considered as self care. Some people prefer a shopping spree, a quiet relaxing yoga session, release all stress into their journal or going to a spa for a facial and massage. Besides reading a book and writing in my journal, one of my favorite forms of self care is doing my skin care routines. I love the scent my body soap leaves after a steamy shower, and the glow my skin has after applying on facial moisturizers and body lotion. Actually, there is nothing more satisfying and refreshing than applying moisturizing, good-smelling products onto your face and body. As Chey stated when you feel and look good, it’s almost as everything goes right”. For almost a year now I’ve been using Head to Toe Self Care’s products, and it has my skin so smooth with a nice glow. Luckily for me I had the opportunity to meet with the owner of Head to Toe Self Care and discuss her journey of creating a business within her own home. 

Chey, the owner of Head to Toe Self Care

I had a great time chatting with Cheyanne, she has such a warm energy and bubbly personality . There was never a dull moment throughout our interview. Frankly, the conversation was so good that we did not realize time was passing us by. Cheyanne, or as she insist Chey was born and raised in Yonkers, NY and attended Riverside High School. After high school she obtained her A.A. in Journalism at Morrisville College and B.S. in Media Studies at SUNY Old Westbury. As Chey entered the world of media, she realized she still had a passion for her skin and wanted to share her passion with others. Since she was a kid, Chey always made homemade soap with her mom and whichever friends attended her sleepovers. Same as most women in their 20s, she takes pride in her skin and of course the woman she has become. When she established this business almost two years ago, her main goal was to help people feel good about the skin they’re in. She also expressed her business is also to educate the community about the importance of using skin care and how prevent common skin issues from reoccurring.  

Head to Toe Self Care is a favorite of mine for the reason that I believe each product was made with love and handled with care. Running a business from your home is not as easy as it may always seem. Besides resulting in cleaning a large mess, it also involves time and patience. Most importantly it allows the freedom of creativity to flow freely throughout the production. Head to Toe Self Care ranges from body butters, body scrubs, body oil and body soap. Each product contains natural ingredients that leave your skin glowing and hydrated all day. Chey expressed although she’s currently selling men and women products, within the future she plans create products for babies as well. Actually, she currently developing a series of products for them, so hopefully next year the goal will be accomplished. My top products are ‘Sweet Like Honey’ and ‘Lavender Dreams’ soap also the ‘Lavender Dreams’ body butter. I mostly use Lavender Dreams at night, the smell of lavender is so relaxing to me. I love how each soap has a hint of vanilla, so it makes the aroma even more delightful.

For any young ladies or men seeking interest in creating your own skincare line, Chey advises for everyone to TRY IT. At least try it, see how it goes and if it doesn’t go as planned you can never say you didn’t try it. Also, most importantly do your research on the ingredients you choose to add to your products, best way to try it is doing a patch test on your hand. 

Hope you enjoyed the read! Follow Head to Toe Self Care on Instagram and Facebook for more information, and look out for Chey at next local Pop Up Shop.

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  1. Kim Toone says:

    Self care is most essential!!!“Sadly, people judge their inside by other people outside” . Continue to highlight importance of mental health and care for one self ❤️


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