Book Review: Red at the bone

Let me just say, there is nothing like a good book!

Here’s another good, well-written book by Jacqueline Woodson added to my personal library. Red at The Bone is such a page-turner, which led to sobbing by the end of the book. Her writing style is so poetic. The imagery almost lifts off of the page and into my mind. It’s so vivid. I felt as if I was taken on a ride through time travel. From the horrifying massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to an experience at the infamous HBCU Morehouse College and the cold winters of Oberlin, Ohio. 

Woodson taps you into the mind of each character giving you a front row of their personal life experiences. What sparked my interest the most was the relationship dynamic between Iris and her family. Some might find it surprising that Iris comes from a good household, or others say in the Black community, “Black Excellence”. The reason for it isn’t her appearance or intelligence, it’s the fact — she doesn’t speak about it. It’s hard trying to be the golden child of a family of generational wealth when all you want is to live a little. Just trying to see what life has to offer. Who knew living a little can result in a teen pregnancy with a boy you may or may not love. Iris went from the golden child to the family’s disappointment. Just that fast. She still had support and love, yet, it wasn’t enough. Luckily for Iris’s parents and the father of her child, her daughter rarely acknowledged her estranged mother. 

The book is a journey of life from the birth of a child, to the death of a loved one. Regardless of a person’s race, economic, or academic status it does not undermine that we are all humans finding our way through life. Simply tackling fears and accomplishing aspirations. I wish there was more character development with the two main characters, Melody and Iris yet overall I enjoyed the book. I rate it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

This is the book my members and I have read for my new book club — Book’d Via Kyla. I’m very excited about creating the club, so many members joined in such a short amount of time. I’m talking, almost 100 members! I know I’ve said it many times, yet I’ll say it again. THANK YOU for joining and becoming a member. I assure you this club will be fun and more interactive whether we’re going into another lockdown or not.

Lastly, if you’re interested in joining the club click here

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