I’m Kyla, and I’m an Journalist/Blogger with a B.A. in Mass Communication, and minor in Journalism. I currently reside in New York, and I’m facing the everyday challenges life loves to throw. Nothing too tough for me though, I walk around with my head high and smile on my face. One thing I learned from living in NY all my life is, the impossible is always possible. Like DMX would say “I’m tryna’ stay sucka free in a world full of lollipops”.  

I have always been this creative, talkative ball of energy, that just loves to express herself anyway possible. Whether it’s writing, talking or drawing I’m expressing myself somehow, someway ever since I could hold a pencil and be able to talk.

Not too long ago, my Grandfather asked me “do you know your purpose in life?”, surprisingly for the first time ever in my life, I did not have an answer. I had to ponder on that question for a few months before I actually understood what he was asking me, and what I had to ask myself to receive the answer. Suddenly I realized, my purpose is to communicate with people wether it’s verbally or through my writing. I was sent to this world to tell stories, not only my own though. I believe I was sent into this chaotic world to help others with my words, to guide and inspire them to find their own purpose.

 Enjoy the read and most importantly .. live your life to the fullest, and protect your peace.

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