Past Articles

May Blooms: NYC Pop-Up Shop

Hey ya'll, I’m starting to believe Mother Nature is cool with us again. The sun has been shining consistently, and our days are less rainy and gloomy — that means that spring has finally arrived and I am so happy! This is the perfect weather to walk down the streets of New York City. Grab … Continue reading May Blooms: NYC Pop-Up Shop

Book Review: Red at the bone

Let me just say, there is nothing like a good book! Here's another good, well-written book by Jacqueline Woodson added to my personal library. Red at The Bone is such a page-turner, which led to sobbing by the end of the book. Her writing style is so poetic. The imagery almost lifts off of the … Continue reading Book Review: Red at the bone

Interview: Head to Toe Self Care

Self care is essential and people engage in various forms of self care daily. Everyone does it differently, you'd even be surprised what is considered as self care. Some people prefer a shopping spree, a quiet relaxing yoga session, release all stress into their journal or going to a spa for a facial and massage. … Continue reading Interview: Head to Toe Self Care

Yonkers 2021 Juneteenth Event

Juneteenth is always a joyful, exciting celebration irregardless of where you're celebrating. African Americans across the nation typically host entertaining events full of mouth-watering food and great music that will have you dancing all day and night, throughout the weekend of June 19th. This year my hometown Yonkers, NY celebrated as well. It was beautiful … Continue reading Yonkers 2021 Juneteenth Event

May is for Mental Health Awareness

We have been in a global pandemic which resulted in a 365-day quarantine. Our lives have changed and it has been a bittersweet adjustment. Now everyone is wearing masks and arguing which vaccine is better than the other. Hundreds of people have lost their jobs, and thousands have lost their lives. Almost every day someone … Continue reading May is for Mental Health Awareness

Grieving 101

On Thanksgiving day I loss my father to COVID 19 and ever since November 26, 2020 it feels as if the world is crumbling down and all I have to hold onto is my mother. I know I am not the only person affected by COVID so before I continue I’d like to send my … Continue reading Grieving 101

Interview with TrappingStyles

2020 was a difficult year for everyone yet , also a blessing in disguise for others. Some people experienced losses, others stumbled upon blessings. The various difficulties included the loss of jobs, homes, and loved ones. Each weighed heavily on people financially, emotionally and mentally. These issues encouraged Edison to establish his business this year, … Continue reading Interview with TrappingStyles

The Love of Jay and Dice: Part 5

“Man, I can’t believe this shit!” Low thinks to himself taking a long pull of his spliff. He looks at his phone, memorizing and rereading the messages Chase had sent earlier this morning. “She’s buggin’” he says while exhaling the smoke, shaking his head. He had texted Jay asking her to come over. Even though … Continue reading The Love of Jay and Dice: Part 5

Is Closure Necessary?

Hey guys, I have one question, is closure necessary? The year is coming to an end, and everyone has experienced situations where they have realized someone was either here for a reason or season. Some relationships are a lesson to help you grow in all aspects of life. Others might have been a waste of … Continue reading Is Closure Necessary?