Interview with TrappingStyles

2020 was a difficult year for everyone yet , also a blessing in disguise for others. Some people experienced losses, others stumbled upon blessings. The various difficulties included the loss of jobs, homes, and loved ones. Each weighed heavily on people financially, emotionally and mentally. These issues encouraged Edison to establish his business this year, it was perfect timing. Edison — also known as ‘TrappingStyles’ is the owner of ‘I Wore My Heart On My Sleeves’ clothing business based in Detroit, MI. He provides emotional support through clothes and accessories displaying affirmative messages. He believes many people lack an emotionally supportive person in their life. In result he supports those individuals through his brand.

Edison was born in Ivory Coast of West Africa, then later moved to the United States when he was 7 years old. He is the oldest of his siblings and always been very family oriented. Since he was a child, he had a love for fashion that later grew into his passion. When he was a teenager his parents got divorced and years later other events transpired within his household resulting in him becoming the emotional supportive person. January 2020 ‘I Wore My Heart On My Sleeves’ was established and has been a successful business since.

In the future Edison wishes to build a community to help young adults with emotional and mental issues. Based on personal experiences he considers himself an “emotional comfort coach”. He doesn’t want to make a profit off of it, only wants to receive a profit from his clothing business. It’s very admirable that he genuinely cares for others. Also believes a person should not get paid to help others, “love and wisdom are priceless” he stated. Lastly he hopes to achieve generational wealth, and be able to provide for his parents as a thank you for sacrificing for him and his siblings during their youth.

Speaking with Edison was very motivating and inspiring. Throughout our conversation, he reminded me that there are still genuine, good hearted people in the world. It’s rare for a complete stranger to have genuine concern for others and want to help through whatever issues they might be facing. I admired the fact he expressed having a profession in counseling isn’t something he’ll ever consider because sharing wisdom and support should not have a price.

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  1. Barbara J Truss says:

    Shout out to Edison! Stay fearless in helping others tackle there emotions. Keep moving forward with the fashion if that’s his passion. I would love to purchase something. God no I wear my heart on my sleeve.

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  2. Director V says:

    Edison shows so much perseverance! Great job, your writing depicts the perfect image of his journey. I love the name “I wore my heart on my sleeve”. Keep up the great work

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